10 Tips for Women Travellers

The idea of solo women travellers has been controversial for years, but nowadays, we see more and more women getting out of their comfort zones and taking on trips worldwide. Without the extra baggage of family or someone to take care of, travelling as a woman can be pretty exciting and fulfilling. With the right tips, women travellers can have a much easier and more comfortable time crossing borders and touring various destinations worldwide.

Here are ten pointers for women travellers to make the trip safer and more comfortable.
Thoroughly Research Your Destination Before the Trip

For most travellers, the planning and research are more daunting than the journey. If you want to travel to a new destination, you need to research the city or town for important information such as safety.

Pack Light
The golden rule as a woman traveller is to pack and travel light. Depending on the days you will be travelling, it’s only wise to pack and bring along very little luggage. Take your time before packing to identify what’s necessary to make the load as light as possible. Also, use a backpack instead of a suitcase to make it easy to move around.

Have a Backpack for Valuables
Besides the suitcase, it is imperative to have a travel backpack to carry your valuables. These may include Lotion, lip balm, a laptop, a power bank, a camera, a passport, and extra money. This backpack should always stay with you and allows you to move around easily with all your essentials.

Carry Extra Money
Sticking to a budget can be quite hard when travelling; from spontaneous shopping to additional costs you never anticipated. Carrying extra cash offers you cushioning in case your expenditure gets a little out of hand. This is an essential tip for all travellers but comes in handy for women travellers.
While at it, you may also want to separate your money. Divide your money across different bags and pockets for protection.

Plan for Night Arrivals
When planning your trip, planning your transport means within the new destination is essential. This includes how you will get to the hotel from the airport, bus, or train station. It’s best to arrive before dark, but this may be unavoidable at times. Have a plan for the possibility of night arrival and stick to the plan.

Bring Your Conditioner
Most hotels provide basic soap and shampoo, and only the high-end and expensive ones offer a small bottle of conditioner. Even when it’s provided, it’s not usually the good stuff you use. The best thing is always to bring the conditioner that best suits your hair as a woman traveller. It does come in handy.

Resist the Urge to Overshare
Safety is a priority as a woman traveller, especially if you are travelling solo. As a woman traveller, you will probably have numerous encounters with strangers trying to make small talk or engage you in a conversation. However, do not tell locals or strangers critical information such as where you are staying or your travel schedule.

Keep a Flexible Schedule
Planning your trip is a great idea, but it’s also good to appreciate that trips do not always go as per plan perfectly. Scheduling every minute of the journey is not the best of ideas. Schedule a few crucial things but leave some room for spontaneity. You may bump into a friend or find out about an event you would like to attend last minute.

Blend in as Much as Possible
Women travellers are seen as vulnerable and are easy targets for petty criminals such as pickpockets. As a woman traveller, blending in is much safer and more comfortable than standing out. The essence of blending in as much as possible is to avoid making it obvious that you are new in town. Different continents and countries have different dressing habits, so you must do thorough research on the destination to find out about local dress codes.

Check-in With Friends and Family

Whether travelling with some company or solo, checking in with family and friends every few days is vital. A call or brief text to your parents or a post on social media is an excellent way of letting people know that you are safe and alive.

Relax and enjoy all your trips with these fantastic tips for women travellers. You can also incorporate other safety and comfort aspects you believe come in handy and are not captured in this article.